What about my community?

Recently we have been getting questions about where books will be given away, when events will take place, and what is happening in local communities.

Books are for every 4-year-old in every community throughout the state! Public libraries and Reach Out and Read clinics will be the most common way for families to access book giveaways and events. Find the closest location to your community!

As we get closer to the giveaway period of April 13-27, we will be posting events to our calendar.


If you are looking for ways to get involved with the One Book 4 Colorado project, here are some ideas:

Start Local:
Contact your local library or participating clinic by using our location finder for ways to volunteer to assist in book donations or to participate in other local programs.

The One Book 4 Colorado project is funded entirely through corporate and individual donations, so any support helps! To fully illustrate the impact your donation could have, consider:

$50 would provide all the books for a small rural clinic

$100 would provide all the books for a small or rural library

Imagine the difference your donation could make to Colorado’s four-year-olds.

Read to a Child:
If there are children in your life, make a difference by reading with them! Visit our pages for ideas for activities for children of any age group.



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