2014 One Book 4 Colorado Was a Success!

According to parents and participating agencies, 2014 One Book 4 Colorado program was a great success. Surveys with parents showed that after receiving the free book,  3 out of 5 caregivers agreed that they spent more time reading with their child after receiving the book (64%), their child talked more about books and reading (62%), and their child was more interested in books and reading (64%).

Staff at libraries, clinics and preschools participating in the program also shared positive feedback. Nearly all (99%) agreed that children were excited to receive Grumpy Bird. More than 9 in 10 (92%) agreed that the program helped their agencies promote reading among children, and 88% agreed that OB4CO was an effective use of their time and effort.

View all the results at http://www.lrs.org/2015/02/11/75000-books-given-away-one-book-4-colorado-2013/.

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